Whoami ?

Let’s talk about me !

I’m passionate about open-source, I’m in love with cybersecurity. I’m using linux since I was 13yo. I defend the access to free documentation, help and protection.

This site is made by myself with a open-source custom bootstrap template and hugo.
Special thank for my friends who helps me.

You want to contact me ? You can do it here: [email protected], add me on matrix: @aliascdrm-rf:matrix.org or simply discord: pwnwithlove#1984

There is a little presentation of myselft, made with C.

Not contractual, because I'm actually moving from medicine to computing ! Thanks for reading ( ˶^ᗜ^˵ ) ✿
char *name[] = {"use linux","do cybersec", "programmation", "and make electronics"};

int ft_tablen(char *tab[])
  int len = 0;

int main(void)
  int i = 0;
  bool being_skilled = false;
  printf("No skills, I'm learning with the help of my lovely friends ♥\n");
  bool time = true;
  printf("I ♥ to ");
  while(i < (ft_tablen(name) - 1))
    printf("%s, ", name[i]);
  printf("%s.\n", name[i]);