Small presentation of my machines

Table of contents :

Laptop | Arch Linux x KDE

I thought it would be interesting to talk a little about the machines I’m running on

Let’s start with my laptop, I love this machine because it is one of my first stable under Arch, it allowed me to learn how to manage each of my parameters, to be master of my system and to configure everything by hand without graphical interface

I won’t talk about hardware because everything is already displayed in the neofetch, but you’ll soon find a post about a big problem with a sound package related to a specific chipset from my laptop model: thesofproject.

Desktop | Debian x Gnome

Debian is the distribution I have the most experience with, I really like dpkg, I’m very familiar with this environment.

I’m running on a machine I built a few years ago, having a desktop allows me to tinker and switch physical storage spaces regularly

Thanks for reading, and especially remember to get 8 hours of sleep a day. ♥

Special thank | Crystal (๑˘ ³˘)⠀~♡

Special thank to Crystal, she translated this article. <3